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 Data Privacy Policy

- User terms and data privacy conditions -



GLOBALFOUNDRIES respects the privacy of individuals and is committed to collect, use and process personal data in a respectful, secure and lawful manner.


With the following terms we inform you about our privacy practices, the choices you can make about the ways your information is collected online and how information is processed and used.


Therefore, - before you agree to this policy and provide your personal data -, please read the following statements including your obligations carefully:




The personal information collected and stored in this system will be used for GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ talent sourcing and employee selection process worldwide.


GLOBALFOUNDRIES publishes open vacancies on this website and offers the opportunity to apply for a particular job. If you are interested in more than one open vacancy, you can apply for multiple jobs. You may also simply register your personal data on our careers site and maintain your profile for any potential opportunities within GLOBALFOUNDRIES. This allows all of those involved with the recruiting process to

review your background and determine if there is a potential match.


Personal data you entered will be stored in your registration profile independently of the 2 options (described below) you are going to use.


For purposes of our process, recruiter may be defined as any individual involved with the recruiting process. This includes individuals in our staffing organization, our broader Human Resources organization, and people managers. For further clarification, please note that when you choose:


Option 1 (“Any company recruiter worldwide”), all relevant HR personnel and people managers across our global organization will have access to your personal data,


or Option 2 (“Only recruiters managing jobs I apply to”), only relevant HR personnel and the people manager for the job you apply for will have access to your personal data.


The advantage of choosing option 1 (“Any company recruiter worldwide”) is that your personal data can be reviewed by GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ recruiters for multiple vacancies. Even if we do not consider your application for the vacancy for which you have applied, it is possible that we will contact you while staffing future vacancies.


If you don’t wish to be contacted about future job vacancies other than the vacancy you have applied for, please select option 2 (“Only recruiters managing jobs I apply to”) in the system’s privacy settings.



2. Your obligations & Information on storage and maintenance of the data: 


Data entry:

GLOBALFOUNDRIES does not intend to collect and process any personal data (e.g. your contact data, CV, job experiences and skills), unless you provide these voluntarily, or it is permitted under the respective laws governing the protection of such data. Please note not to upload personal data or file attachments containing information that are not required for our selection process, especially data that are sensitive in their type of nature.


Data updates:


Keeping your profile accurate and up to date is very important. If your profile information is incomplete, inaccurate or not current, please use the online function in the web tool to make the necessary updates. If advice is required please contact our HR department via eMail

Singapore:; India:; China:


Data deletion:


You have the possibility to withdraw single applications online in the system at any time without stating of any reasons. Hereby your profile data will be kept, and your status on the application will be withdrawn.

You can also delete your complete profile which includes the removal of your personal identifying data on all of your applications and deletion of your individual account data and password.

The following deletion routine is applicable for all applicants to vacant positions of GLOBALFOUNDRIES locations in the


European Union:

All personal data including the account and pass code data of an applicant will be deleted automatically if the applicant doesn’t login at least once per year (definition of ‘year’ in the meaning of these terms: time period of 365 days starting with first profile registration and re-starting with each login).


Therefore we ask you to review your profile and the accuracy of your data at least once within a period of 365 days.

USA and Asia:


All personal data including the account and pass code data of an applicant will be deleted automatically if the applicant doesn’t login at least once per a time frame of 5 years (definition of ‘5 years’ in the meaning of these terms: period of 1825 days starting with first profile registration and re-starting with each login).


Therefore we ask you to review your profile and the accuracy of your data at least once within a period of 1825 days.


You are responsible, based on your own convenience, to set reminders. Neither the GLOBALFOUNDRIES personnel nor the system will send reminders before the described automatic deletion routine starts.

Password and data confidentiality

You are responsible to keep you profile account data and your individual password confidential and must not share them with anyone.


In case you believe for any reason that your authorization or the confidentiality, security and integrity of your pass code, personal data or other information are compromised you will contact immediately GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Data Privacy Officer: and our HR department: EU:; USA:;

Singapore:; India:; China:

GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ data storage while and after running a selection process:


GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ utmost concern in our talent sourcing and employee selection is to apply a very careful and fair decision making process. For traceability we will record certain personal data and data collected in the context with your application even if the selection process for a vacant position was already finalized, which can also mean that you will be contacted if the same or a similar job position is vacant in the future.


Applicable for applications to vacant positions of GLOBALFOUNDRIES locations in the European Union: The data on closed requisitions will be stored not longer than 6 months (definition of ‘6 months’ in the meaning of these terms: period of 180 days starting with the notification date). All other locations (USA and Asia): deletion after 5 years (definition of ‘5 years’ in the meaning of these terms: period of 1825 days starting with the notification date).


3. Recipients of your personal data:


Depending upon which location processes your application, the personal data will be initially controlled by or on behalf of

                          GLOBALFOUNDRIES U.S. Inc. (USA),

                          GLOBALFOUNDRIES Management Services LLC & Co. KG (Germany),

                          GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Singapore),

which all are companies in the GLOBALFOUNDRIES group.

According to our corporate global organizational structure your personal data may be disclosed to authorized personnel (such as our Recruiters, HR representatives and Managers/Supervisors) in GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ offices and locations worldwide. The authorized personnel may be employed by legal entities other than the one offering the vacant job position.


Even in the case that your data are transferred to/ are accessible by personnel located in entities outside of the European Economic Area, all our companies in the GLOBALFOUNDRIES group are endeavored to ensure a sufficient data privacy level, and to safeguard and protect your data.

Your personal data may be disclosed to other than GLOBALFOUNDRIES companies that are contracted for providing technical support or other relevant services for the respective GLOBALFOUNDRIES companies, such as Oracle Corporation Singapore Pte. Ltd., which is hosting the web-application on behalf of GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Please be assured that GLOBALFOUNDRIES took proper measures to ensure an adequate data privacy level, such as having contractual obligations with the respective companies in place and limitation of the access purposes and rights.


In case you want to check the list of GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ affiliated companies or want to address additional questions on data privacy, please address your inquiry to Datenschutz.Dresden@GLOBALFOUNDRIES.COM.


4. Data security and technical information:


With implementation of technical and organizational measures GLOBALFOUNDRIES endeavors to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration or loss, unauthorized disclosure or access.


Any visit to this website will be logged. The log file registers the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer, websites selected, the browser used, date and time, as well as technical information such as the computer's operating system. This data will be collected for data security reasons, for reporting and legitimated purposes as permitted by law (e.g. for reports used in an anonymous manner that enables GLOBALFOUNDRIES to identify preferred job offers and visited web-pages including the different job application options).


The online application web-tool applies cookies (‘session cookies’/’http cookies’) which are necessary to maintain a session, to prevent that a logged user has to login several times while viewing different subpages, to ease the loading of user’s profile data and storage of data while the user is progressing in the data entry or maintenance. The user’s session will be closed by default when the browser connection is terminated.


By using links to websites of external companies and other third parties, GLOBALFOUNDRIES shall not be held responsible for compliance with data protection requirements, or the content of such websites.


5. Policy change information:


Changed legal requirements or ongoing technical and organizational developments may require updating this Privacy Policy. We therefore reserve the right to update or amend the current Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will revise the revision date stated at the end of this policy.


To print a copy of this policy, please use your browser print button. You can review the recent revision at any time using the link that is posted on the website. In case you have questions concerning the terms of the policy or you want to address a request, you may direct these to Datenschutz.Dresden@GLOBALFOUNDRIES.COM.

6. Declaration of consent


By submitting your personal data and/or application you declare that

(1) you have read, understood and accepted the terms stated in this policy,

(1) you have read, understood and accepted the terms stated in this policy,

(2) the personal data and information you will provide are complete and valid,

(3) you authorize GLOBALFOUNDRIES, in compliance with applicable laws, to verify or let verify on GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ behalf that the information and statements you have given are valid and to perform reference checks if necessary,

(4) you are consenting to the processing of the information, as described in this policy, within this Applicant Management System, but also in subsequent processes and data systems as far as required to fulfill the legitimated purposes of GLOBALFOUNDRIES.


Policy Effective Date:  22-July-2016

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